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I personally don’t think I’m all that interesting, but I’m flattered that you bothered to read past the first word.

I have no idea exactly what this blog will be about.  I got bored, so I created it.  I’m going to write about whatever I feel like and hopefully, it will morph into something worth reading.

Since I forsee quite a few entries about music, let’s get my views on it straight.

  • I think so-called “intelligent” music is for the most part nonsense disguised in lyric form, created so music snobs can pretend they’re deeper thinkers than the rest of us.  Because of this belief, I tend to stay away from indie bands, since almost all seem to fall somewhere in or near this category.
  • I like classic rock, but it’s not the greatest.thing.ever. like many maintain.  Also, I can’t stand the Beatles.  I think I may have just lost any potential readers with that last sentence. 
  • I enjoy Rock & Roll, particularly Elvis Presley and Little Richard.
  • Chris Daughtry is pop.  Nickleback is crap.  None of these people or soundalike bands are rock.
  • Piano rock is awesome, but only when it’s done perfecty.
  • Rap is okay for dancing, and nothing else.  In general, I hate it.
  • Most hip-hop is too generic, but occasionally I’ll find a song I like.
  • I’m a country gal, I must admit.  Anything from Johnny to Carrie is fine with me.  I like Taylor Swift but the girl is pop, not country.
  • Dance is great for, well… dancing.
  • Not a big fan of electronic, but the occasional Owl City or Little Boots is more than welcome.
  • R&B, Motown, and jazz:  Love them all.
  • I enjoy Latin-flavored songs, but too many of them sound alike and have terrible lyrics.
  • I am not above listening to someone from American Idol.  I wil, however, avoid Constantine Maroulis at all costs.  Remember him? Didn’t think so.
  • I like pop.  Deal with it.  I won’t listen to any old generic ditty, but I don’t believe pop music is killing the industry (ahem, hip-hop?).
  • Alternative.  If your defination is Alanis Morissette, yes please.  If you want to shove All Time Low down my throat, forget it.

That was too long, especially since tis is not exclusively a music blog.

Not sure what I’m writing about at this point, but thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll follow my blog.  If not, you are a very patient person to read through this dreck with no intention of keeping up with further posts.  I’m impressed.

Feel free to whine, moan, and complain about my dislike for your favorite band in the comments.  If anyone actually read this thing, I would expect young college kids protecting the Beatles, rawker guyz in wife beaters telling me off about Nickleback, older women with too much time on their hands speeing over Constantine, and ~*scenex*~ teenies being all HDU about that All Time Low thing.  Woo-hoo.



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